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Old 06-14-2010, 02:09 PM
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Default Alliances and mergers, from the Grellon

As the leader of 'Those of the Grellon' I believe it to be my duty to announce our policy of alliances and merging.

Alliances: We are open to alliances, whether up or down the ladder of power. However only serious invites for alliances will be taken. We will not attack members of our alliances, and hope for guilds that ally themselves with us will do so with each other. We also believe that allied guilds should, when possible, get retribution for allied guilds should they lose to another guild. Active guilds only if you please.

Mergers: We have a fortress of 25 but only 13 are filled. We have 50% gold and exp, for any beginning guilds that would like to save some time and gold by joining us. We will only have others join us, not interested in joining others. Again we are only interested in serious players and guilds. Members should be over 20, but we will make exceptions for active beginners who have their leader's support. Former leaders who would join us, if interested would recieve an officer position.

Finally don't let the above intimidate you. We are laid back in our plans, we will get stronger, it is true, but we are not strict. We don't ask a lot, only that you stay loyal and we will too.

My name is the same in game and in the forum, message me there or here if you are interested.
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