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Old 08-04-2011, 10:05 AM
solarrocker solarrocker is offline
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Default reply to Dwarf and Lady

[Written out off respect]

In this cavern I will wait
Till a drunk one awakes
They usually come nights late
Having their alcohol, laughter and shakes!

The smell is in the air
Clear as can be!
Must be a dwarf around somewhere
Drunk again, there he be!

With my hidden bow sprung and ready
Closer he may come soon to be shot
I hold on to my target nice and steady

He doesn't know his time is up
Yet he runs towards her now axe held high
Time to let this dwarf drop

As the dwarf ran closer
Stumbling and mumbling on his way
It became clear, he's but a poser
Still this will be his last day

As he slowed and fell before her feet
She only let out a smile
This new crossbow sure is neat
I think I will keep it for a while

Next victim will come soon
She thought while looking for a nice dark spot ever so shady
Who will be next to fall before their doom
Who will be next to be killed by the bandit lady
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Moved to its own thread. Please post your own stuff in your own threads. Thank you.
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I just read this.

Well done!

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