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Old 01-23-2016, 11:49 AM
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Default Changelog for US Forum

SF German Forum has a Changelog thread that is kept updated.

Can we please have that same changelog here in English.
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Old 01-23-2016, 12:55 PM
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Well I looked at what they have and only difference is that it is in 1 thread where here it is put in its own for each changelog. Yeah is nice to have in one when someone wants to look back at old ones but tbh current way is fine as all of them are in same area of the forum.
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Old 01-23-2016, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Well I looked at what they have and only difference is that it is in 1 thread where here it is put in its own for each changelog. Yeah is nice to have in one when someone wants to look back at old ones but tbh current way is fine as all of them are in same area of the forum.
I call bull on that one since the latest update in the German changelog calls out Black Gems and the latest update in the US Forum does not. Its not the same at all. Keep consistency please.

01/12/2016: Update to version 2.58.1057
- in the arena of the guild name of the opponent is also displayed
- in the guild members list you can see now how much each member contributes to the fortress of Knights Hall
- The Button "Stall "will flash when the mount lease has expired
- High Level gemstone mine is now also black gem
- Some bugs fixed

01-12-2016: Update to v2.56.1057:

+ arena opponents: guild is now displayed
+ guild list, activity: new display of knights
+ fixed some bugs

Release: already released / in the course of the next days

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Old 01-23-2016, 05:05 PM
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Well guess some things were missed or not given to begin with. But be that as it may putting all changelogs in 1 thread wont change that from happening.
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Old 01-23-2016, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
Well guess some things were missed or not given to begin with. But be that as it may putting all changelogs in 1 thread wont change that from happening.
But it is 1 place to review all changes. This is especially helpful for any players returning from a long hiatus. I'm just tired of going to the German Forum and trying to read a horrible Google Translation to get all of the game updates.
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Old 01-24-2016, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
But it is 1 place to review all changes. This is especially helpful for any players returning from a long hiatus. I'm just tired of going to the German Forum and trying to read a horrible Google Translation to get all of the game updates.
I agree in that we need to be getting all the info that german forum gets but in a way it is all in one place it is not like it is getting put in different sections of the forum it is in same section which is in news section sub section game.

At this point I would think it is kinda late to redo all that info in 1 thread maybe Leader can make a sub section in game section just for changelogs.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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Old 01-24-2016, 09:57 AM
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Here is my best attempt at a start, I'm sure our community would be more than willing to help translate to get the ball rolling.

italic written points are realized wishes of the community

12.01.2016: Update to version 2.58.1057
-In the arena, the Guild name of the opponent will be shown with
-In the Guild member list you can now see how much each member contributes to the fortress Knights Hall
-The "Install" button will blink, if the mount lease has expired
-High-level gemstone mine is now also black gem
-various bug fixed

23.12.2015: Update to version 2.56.1053
-For "Only level 1" player: no XP Guild battles,-raids and Dr. Abawuwus fate machine

15.12.2015: Update to version 2.56.1050
-The shadow world - 150 Dungeonetagen for you and your companion of the Tower
-The arena function is completely revised
-Taverns - and Dungeonkämpfe are now can be stored
-A large part of the fortified buildings are expandable up to level 20 now
-The fortress main building now has a Knight Hall - bonuses on the gems beckon for the entire Guild!
-Gems are now biodegradable if it expands to other buildings
-The change of opponent in the fortress is now possible for gold
-The combat function of the fortress an estimate now shows, whether the fight is worth or not
-The own fortress building in protection mode, is recognisable by a symbol in the "taskbar" of the fortress.
-The Questzeitverkürzung game time was further reduced for a simpler game start
-Smaller bug with Dungeonschlüsseln
-Various other small bugs fixed and added new graphics
-New built-in options (version. 1052)
-Dungeonorden is one of the Schattendungeons (version. 1052)

12.11.2015: Update to version 2.13.1033
-Guild combat: experience bonus will now properly displayed (except for old battles from your combat log)
-The large backpack is now accepting correctly by Tower and adventure
-Soldiers train takes now 10 minutes instead of 25 minutes
-Soldiers, archers and mages costs now only half as much stone and wood
-The type of profit / loss calculation and deduction of the values for wood/stone was amended (see instructions)
-The 'Preview' quarry and lumberjacks is now correct
-The witch demands a different type of item every day now
-In portal fighting is "Winning" and "Losing" text now correctly
-You can save now fights (Tavern, Dungeon) (function) to do so in the final screen of the respective fight
-Fortress: Looking at auszubildenen units now, how long this still just need
-Fortress: You can see in the fight now, which fights such as nth unit
-Fortress: The opponent's Guild name is via mouseover (points to his name) displayed
-Fortress: The 5-minute counter to the change of the opponent will be shown directly
-The function 'compare items' has been revised according to your wishes
-Arrows to scroll of a long mail messages
-Dungeonübersicht: You were already in the portal, you see, if you go with the mouse over the portal
-Fixed bug on the button "Skip". Now leads to your character
-Corrected link generation in the chat
-Wheel of Fortune: "button turn" hidden, was turning 20 x
-Layout in the post/fighting changed, so that the date is not truncated
-Inventory bug fixed that freeze inventory
-Fixed bug on the support link at the top of
-New display feature in the Guild for players with red/green weakness: / redgreen 1 or / redgreen 0

23.09.2015: Update to version 2.54.1004
-Feature "Fortress" installed
-Dungeon 14 added
-Items can now have base
-Mini game "The fate machine"
-Change to the boob tube (good luck coins for "The machine of fate")
-Several bugs fixed (including "mirror image" opponent in Dungeon 9)

13.05.2015: Update to version 2.0.722
-Boob reintroduced (pro video a mount of 50% for 3 and more)

02.04.2015: Update to version 2.0.632
-Complete reprogramming of the client including graphical updates
-New page to the account creation and management (login etc.)
- Longer numbers now have thousands points for better detection
- Added to the friend list
- Player ignorable
- Scrapbook includes all available items
- Battle reports (arena and Guild) now in its own tab (including ability to save)
-Battle reports are provided only when something was won/lost
- Battle reports now can be saved, if desired
- Guild chat is completely revised (clickable links, at any time and anywhere foldout, longer)
-Show more players/Guild halls of honor
- Scrapbook includes all available objects and enemies

24.07.2014: Update to version 1.70.550
-New Dungeon: "Demon Portal" aka "Dungeonportal"
-New Gildendungeon: "Demon Portal" aka "Guild Portal"
-Progress of levels of something speeds up at higher levels
-New level Cap: 500 level
-The first 10 PvP battles of the day be in the loot experience points (if the fight is 100 honor points at least or the opponent Max 20 seats is located)
-You lose always at least. 20 honor, if you lose a fight arena
-The last Guild combat is viewable via a button in the Guild again
-Display at the toilet, when Max aura is reached
-New graphics for the town watch
-Fixed bug on delivering campaign messages, that go beyond a certain number of rounds
-Fixed bug on item calculation in the shops (item no price indication not buyable)
-Fixed bug on witch role, allowed again to be enchanted enchanted items
-Fixed bug on Questzeitverkürzungsrolle, now is in 1 minute
-Fixed bug on quest, the quest was about midnight
-Fixed bug on mailbox representation, if in the subject a "/" was included
-Fixed bug on arena magic role (it got only more gold when opponents had the role)
-Fixed bug on external display of the Scrapbook, if it went above 100%
-Fixed bug on missing credit by Dungeongegnern in the Scrapbook
-Fixed bug on magic role "11 beer", which prevented the purchase of beer
-Fixed bug on display of lost honor
-Fixed bug on Scrapbook, when certain Dungeongegner were not credited
-Fixed bug on deactivation of the boob tube
-Fixed bug on the display of the desired object of the witch after 9 role
-Fixed bug on gold display at the hustlers

08.01.2014: Update to version 1.70.530
-Magic roles "Gold" and "Experience" now give 10% bonus
-Magic roles are buyable now only on the witch
-Magic Olle "Obsessive" is increased to 10%
-Magic roles are now identifiable "active" or "inactive"
-The respective roles of the magic item slots are now "gehighlighted"
-The aura (incl. boost by the witch) now applies to all related items (shops, dungeons, etc.)
-Maximum level of aura is now at 66

19.11.2013: Update to version 1.70.520
-Feature "The witch" and "The magic scroll"
-The boob tube fucking
-Gold prices of the potions were halved
-Error in hustlers (neg. Fixed display of gold)
-Fixed bug on Epicgenerierung in the Magic Shop (no quotations)
-Info message about friend now has a "reply" button
-New home and new graphic under "Options"
- Under "Options" you can disable the damn boob tube (version. 521)
- More percents per donated item at the witch (version. 524)
-As there are more played free scrolls, the stronger the aura in the toilet works (starting with version. 524)
-Items at the stores are cheaper (if they are improved by the aura) (version. 524)
-Boost the magic roller bonuses "Gold", "EP" and "critical hit" (from version. 527)

15.04.2013: Update to version 1.70.496
- Player POS is now Max Gold
- Guild attack limit of 3000 honor now only for guilds, which are about one's own
- Toilet is level 18 more epics than flushing reward from aura
-Error during conversion of 3-stat-epics of the categories fixed chain, ring, charm into the toilet
-Gold event display error fixed
-Display RAID cost fixed

20.02.2013: Update to version 1.70.491
- In the Guild member list see you well always, if possible, centrally displayed
- Displayed armor the companion now available in % (compared to opponents of same level)
- In view of a player in the Hall of the arena counter appears in the Browsertab now
-Fixed bug on "Skip" button in the Tower
-Fixed bug in display of attack and defense information in the Guild member list

31.01.2013: Update to version 1.70.486
- new chat command deletes all combat messages in the mailbox. Command: / delfights
- Tavernen-, arena, City Guard, and Dungeontimer now accept, if it shows on the menu buttons
-Item comparison function disabled for companion
- Turmscrollanimation is now disabled with "no animation" (under options)
-Tower floors are displayed in the chat
-Mirror: Button "attack" now also appears, if you are looking for opponents during the city guard in the Hall
- Armor of the companion is now also displayed (popup, if it shows on the stage)
-Faulty chat display on Dungeonfortschritte fixed
-Double click on the tower at the "more download" no erroneous display obtained
-Fixed error Dungeonnummerierung in the mouseover
-Fix incorrect display "next opponent" in the Dungeon
-Fixed faulty graphic mushroom event in Tavern
-Corrected flags graphics

19.11.2012: Update to version 1.70.482
- Feature: The magic mirror
- Feature: The Tower
-Changes to the WC feature, to support the Tower
-Gold earnings are now rounded at higher levels (no more silver amounts)
-Fixed bug where permanently blocking attacked, inactive Guild,
-Stable: It has no mushrooms, leasing buttons are hidden with corresponding mounts
-New background with character creation/login
- It shows on the button of the tavern, another one for the WC feature appears in addition to the direct link to the hustlers

21.09.2012: Update to version 1.60.451
-Button "Scrapbook" view other characters is now upper right
-Fixed bug on "Item comparison" function

30.08.2012: Update to version 1.60.447
-Guild coat of arms will be shown now by default in the own Guild if all buildings are built from
-Fixed bug in the post that sometimes display the wrong message
- Under "Options", "item"comparison is now activated
- Toilet lights up now after the donation
- You can no longer pay up in the Guild Bank, as it contains

20.03.2012: Update to version 1.60.440
- Guild emblem Editor
- "Toilet of the arcane gods"in the tavern is open to the public by a key
- New of epics in the toilet by flushing findbar (not linked to scrapbook!)
- Post: 'Empty' button
- / level as a new guild chat command, which displays the average level of the Gildenmember
- Selling price of quest items in the tavern will be shown directly
- Guild battle: honor spacing for gain experience changed
- Display of player information in the chat
- Mushroom event Fund opportunity changed
-Fixed bug on email validation
-Fixed bug on guild chat whisper
-Changes to the guild chat feature
-minor (display) long term in assets fixed
-Fixed bug that you are thrown in the Gildenbildschrim

23.02.2012: Update to version 1.60.424
-The accounts compromised in the current game session will be colorized in the Hall
Forward/forward button in the post
AutoComplete of names in the chat (/ w [silent]) extended to players who have sent mail one (if you looked at them in the Inbox), players who you attacked and player, with whom we chatted or where they were sent messages
-Autocompletion now also at receiver input in the post
-Click on a guild chat line (which is a chat message) are automatically / w user name when entering a [silent] message and positions the cursor so that you can write a message directly
-Changes to Guild chat, so an error occurs when Google chrome is fixed

21.12.2011: Update to version 1.60.422
-Frequency of events increased (all 2 weekends)
-further changes to the email system

27.10.2011: Update to version 1.60.418
-New: account names that consist only of numbers, are prohibited during registration
-New: account name must be in the registry 15 characters
-New: Guild raids at level 45 something easier
-New: Inactive players in the Guild struggling with life energy from 14 days of inactivity with only 10%
-New: Guilds, which far honour over 3000, are not vulnerable
-New: New colours in the Gildenmemberliste to detect clearer messages to fight
-New: Hall: scrolling function for the current display (15 accounts browsable with the option)
-New: Guild chat makes a noise now, if something is written
-New: Post: button "Write" and "Delete"
-New: "invite Guild" button for foreign character view
-New: New display in the Scrapbook: progress on the categories/tabs
-New: Gewinnbares gold in arena/PvP battles raised
-New: First quest of the day is always a profit of mushroom
-New: Formula of calculating armor in the mouseover
-New: Potions now stack as potions give percentage bonus to attribute
-New: Keep drinking now 3 days
-New: Function "Mushroom Catapult" in Guild - deducting 50% of energy up to 3 enemy players Guild battle
-New: "Completely pointless" button under options
-New: sporadic weekend
-New: Blocked users can now see the period of ineligibility in the block message
-Incorrect display "hero of the day fixed
-Fix incorrect display "donated gold" in Pop-Up
-Fixed bug on function 'Donate Gold' Guild
-Error at the "Forgot password" fixed function
-Fixed bug "flashing post button by combat post deletion"
-Fixed bug at the end of the battle in an inactive Guild
-String Guild battle bug against a deleted Guild
-Bug "Skipbutton not always displayed"
-The sorting of the Dungeongegner in the Scrapbook bug

08.07.2011: Update to version 1.60.395
-Fixed: arena countdown will no longer reset by Guild battle view
-Fixed: user login bug to Guild battles and raids
-Fixed: Fancy Guild battles are calculated
-Fixed: Bonuses of of order of is no longer delayed
-Fixed: Invited, gildenlose players will receive more gained Guild raids now no EP
-Fixed: Price of the epic shields now fungus free
-Fixed: "Hero of the day" feature shows now all the letters of the name
-Fixed: error message, if you want to donate more gold than you
-Fixed: When enemy Guild has 2 consecutive spaces in the name, the own chat is no longer flushed
-Fixed: Guild chat swallowed lines, €character is now correctly displayed (guild chat has been rewritten to do this)
-Fixed: Display of the character in game messages now correct
-New: "like button on (off." Group here)

20.06.2011: Update to version 1.60.391
-Fixed bug on a button positioning
-Error in the function "Provision of happy hour"

16.06.2011: Update to version 1.60.388
-'Happy Hour' function - quests are überspringbar from 23: 00 to midnight

27.05.2011: Update to version 1.60.385
-Special quests

03.05.2011: Update to version 1.60.379
- Added Scrapbook
-Guild raids made easier
-Fixed bug where Guild combat message

21st April 2011: Update to version 1.60.372
- The Dungeon is expanded with Dungeon 13
- Post can browse in the open State

11.02.2011: Update to version 1.60.361
-Correct of some spelling errors and text error
-Fixed bug that validated email address could not be changed

19.01.2011: Update to version 1.60.359
-Display the Guild periods corrected
-'No gold reward in quests for high-level players' bug (02.02.2011)

12.01.2011: Update to version 1.60.358
-"Invite" button under "Character" who "refer the function" is more comfortable

07.01.2011: Update to version 1.60.351
-No "hand mouse cursor" when the total surface area of the game
-Ensure "no animation" (options) toggles between high and low resolution mode
-Arrows to scroll through the Guild under "Character" work now regardless of "wrong" - insensitive of your name

05.01.2011: Update to version 1.60.349
- Arrows to "Look through" by Guild members
- Light, turn when you can take part after change of Guild accurately in battles.
-Inserted flags for language selection in the options screen

27.12.2010: Update to version 1.60.344
- Change of email address requires entering the old address, if it is validated (account theft protection)
-Warning will appear if you try to send his password via the in-game message.
-Support link is put in the header, so that it appears separate from the forum link

21.12.2010: Update to version 1.60.343
- Numerous new epics for all classes!
-Re: Re: Re: Re: more (only a "Re:")
-Improved double font error in the adventure descriptions
-Improved vagabundierender-fungus bug in the tavern
-Substantive changes to the support form

14.12.2010: Update to version 1.60.342
-Embedding a support form in the navigation of the S & F headers

15.11.2010: Update to version 1.60.341
- Display of "purchased" fungi as pop-up & adaptation of fungal error message donation in the Guild

30.10.2010: Update to version 1.60.340
-Change in the donation ability for mushrooms. Just bought mushrooms can be donated.

21.10.2010: Update to version 1.60.338
-Bugfix: sometimes wrong RAID cost in the confirmation dialog box and not officers were shown

12-14.10.2010: Update to version 1.60.301.309
-Guild RAID level does not affect more the fortress, the stages built by fungi not to devalue and simplify the principle.
- Confirmation required for the call of raids
-Ability to ignore the warning when full rucksack (Tavernenquests)
-Guild RAID level no longer increases the attack price of a Guild
-Clean writing about text field border possible
-Many changes to language files

08.10.2010: Update to version 1.60.294
-You can now a quest without item reward accept, even if the bag is full. Message is displayed only for quests with item reward.
-Whisperfunktion produces no "Ghosts" and shifts in the Guild list
-Raids are now uniformly raids
-Gold prices at Slotauffüllung now properly
-Dungeonachievement now displays the correct number of floors (well over 100)

07.10.2010: Update to version 1.60.293
- Feature "Guild raids": All members of a Guild can go along on forays - 50 new bosses already waiting for you!
-Guild chat can now even a single person to be whispered in - co / w player NAME or / whisper player NAME
-A password complexity test at signup and password change indicates from now how secure is the selected password
- If you buy an item, the empty slot is automatically populated with a new item
-You can send only 10 messages from level (protection function)
- The end time of the work is already on the move the slider appears
- Guild chat commands now produce all appropriate feedback
-Dungeonorden now counts up to level 120
-You can no longer handle the 24-hour campaign ban by oneself from an attack
-Corrected EXP display for lost Guild battles

06.09.2010: Update to version 1.59.281
-Warning may be fraudulent in-game messages

26.08.2010: Update to version 1.59.278
-Fixed bug "Guild circular mail error"

25.08.2010: Update to version 1.59.277
-Case sensivity email entry under "Options"-> "delete account" disables

26.07.2010: Update to version 1.59.276
-various spelling errors cleaned up

08.07.2010: Update to version 1.59.257
-internal security update ("encryption")

01.07.2010: Update to version 1.59.253
-Forum link is www. (not before the http://)
-no user name linking to the "forum link"

01.07.2010: Update to version 1.59.252
- Gold and glory profit will be shown in fight news
- City Guard: Time when it ends will be shown
- Button in the post Lesescreen to jump to the senders character
-One is locked is now displayed the Gamestaff email address
- Guild chat command / sysblink added
- Button "Forum" in the Guild window, if the Guild description is a link with http://

23.06.2010: Update to version 1.58.250
- Display who attack proclaimed/commanded has
-Display "Hero of the day" in the Abschlussscreen of the Guild battles
-New button "Shop" in the menu added
-Server internal changes

22.06.2010: Update to version 1.58.245
-New, international home page (
-Simplified entry (reduced travel time for the first adventure etc.)
- Two new dungeons with 10 new monsters
-New options in the mushroom dealer (for example 4.99 with PayPal and credit card)
- Once you click "Skip" in the Guild battle, it now comes to the character. A second click skips the remaining Guild battle
- If it points to an item of the appropriate item lot is now highlighted
- After Guild battle to get now on the Guild page, not 'Character'
-Warrior damage has been shown so far wrong if you had a gun in his hand, but a shield
- The base damage of the dividing out has been increased so that one is no longer quite so poorly there when a weapon accidentally sold
- Remaining adventure fits the available quests now getting at least one
-In the guild chat shows which player has called off an attack

31.03.2010: Update to version 1.58.228
-Several problems with the guilds fixed
-Fixed problems with the last Dungeon
-Error in the amount set for the hustlers fixed
-Fixed bug on the back button in the screen of the hustlers: the font is again under the arrow instead of in
-Accountprotection: After with an account, the email address has been changed, this can be deleted in the following 7 days.

04.03.2010: Update to version 1.58.227
-Function "Flashing" of the Guild buttons improved
-Display Guild bulletins fixed
-Guild chat function updated

26.02.2010: Update to version 1.57.223
-Bug fixed: you can throw themselves at view of stranger guilds from the own Guild
-Subject and body text of mail messages limited in length, to avoid error messages.
-It prevents that Donations commands are ignored
-It will prevent that attack and Verteidigungsstati disappear
-Chat should ignore anything more (low priority for polling)
-Guild button stops flashing to start game
-Indication of the file number (as part of the version number) in the version label options

23.02.2010: Update to version 1.56
-The Guild button blinks again if someone enters something in the chat
- You can now send mail messages to all members of the own Guild (see instructions ))
-A self-developed database system replaced MySQL - it provides among other things for faster backups (shorter downtime at night) and faster server startup
-To get more gold in PvP battles in the arena (at player level 100) (19.02.10)

11.02.2010: Update to version 1.55
-The mushroom dealer has been completely reprogrammed

01.02.2010: Update to version 1.54
-Fixed error of the meter to the "mailbox"
-Spelling error ingame corrected
-Display of the asterisk before your password should no longer occur
-Revised password sending
- Change the "online display" in the Gildenscreen of 20 minutes to 5 minutes of 'Sustainability' reduced
-Combat messages are automatically deleted after 14 days from the player's mailbox

19.01.2010: Update to version 1.52
-In the Guild you can see again who is online
-Messages in the chat should be not more sometimes lost
-Battles can be no more accidentally skipped
- Last login in Guild on Chat command can be viewed
-Display the AccountID 'Options' again activated
-minor bug fixes

17.01.2010: Update to version 1.51
-various bug fixes

15.01.2010: Update to version 1.50
-The complete server code has been extensively revised. The server respond faster and run even more stable.
-There is a new scheme such as referral codes look like (XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX)
- Display the name of Guild in the Guild battle
-"Next" campaign button in the Guild battle
-The password is MD5 encoded now
-The debug info popup menu option no longer exists, because the information therein are no longer relevant

Dec 17, 2009: Update to version 1.48
- Also of the Characterscreen, there is a link in the Hall at the corresponding position now by clicking on 'Honour'.
- No telltale flashes of Characterscreen buttons when Levelup in the Dungeon before the fight is over.
-wrong message for foreign guilds (invalid date) no longer
-yellow mark takes precedence "Under Attack" orange in the Guild Hall now
-Buttons should stop flashing without reason
-Attack bug fixed (attacks should be now possible in each constellation)
-A bug that made a Guild overlooked has been fixed
-Fixed bug on deleting old messages
-Fixed error Medal of distinction
-To winning EP in Guild Wars has been increased (since 23.12.2009)

15.12.2009: Update to version 1.47
- Reduces requirements for Dungeonschlüssel
- New system for the Archivement "Honnour" - is now off the honor instead of rank
- Bonuses of achievements will be credited on luck now!
-When full Inbox messages that are older than 7 days will be deleted
-Fights between two opponents are now faster
- expired potions when inactive players are no longer displayed
-"Donation button hangs" error fixed
-Guild button stops flashing when players sign up to the war
-Several minor bugs fixed

-Guild war now available for officers bootable
- The Guild list is now sorted: above is the Guild leaders, officers, members and invited; in order that of their level.
- You must be member of a Guild now 24 hours so that you can fight with
-The own Guild is fighting now always links displayed
-Order of the attacker in the Guild fight improves
-Rare graphics bug in Guild battles (and other fighting)
- The outcome of the fight is no longer displayed in the chat before the fight will be shown
-Graphic bugs fixed where characters in battle sometimes had demon horns
-Guild chat is no longer automatically jumps down when a message comes and you have scrolled straight upwards.
-Color always highlighted the own Guild in the Guild Hall
-Gold donation button in the Guild no longer disappears at full expansion
-Maximum length for Guild description

11.12.2009: Update to version 1.45
-New battle field background graphic for Guild battles
-Fixed text attack - and Defensestatus in the Guild ("am" and "um")
-Link added: If you click on the rank in the screen of a Guild, it comes back now in the Guild Hall in the appropriate place.

10.12.2009: Update to version 1.44
-In the Guild view of stranger guilds can be seen, who themselves fought a duel with whom

10.12.2009: Update to version 1.43
--> Fixed combat animations (Tavern, PvP, Dungeon) are no longer displayed
-Font in the Gildenscreen no longer slips under the buttons
-Fixed problem with tunnel mode with multiple clients (E.g. for home and Office)

09.12.2009: Update to version 1.42
-Fixed font size at the Guild members popups
-Attack status in the popup for foreign guilds had wrong text or missing-> fixed
-Bug fixed in certain situations when the tunnel shortly before connecting the disconnect screen displayed

09.12.2009: Update to version 1.41
-Bug fixing buttons not functioning in the Gildenscreen
-Increase the war preparation time to 12 hours

08.12.2009: Update to version 1.40
-Added Guild Wars! Exactly how is the revised instructions under "Guild"!
-The Guild Hall of Fame works now completely differently - instead of it the honor of all members is added, is acquired solely by Guild Wars Guild fame
-Revolution! The Guild leader is at least 21 days inactive appears an icon with which he can be overthrown. More about it here in the FAQ!
- Guild officers can now kick Guild members
-The game works now also behind corporate firewalls
- In the Dungeon, you get more gold by opponents
- After a Dungeonkampf it is no longer forwarded to the screen "Character" but remains in the menu point "Dungeon"
- There is a sound effect and the work now if the time when the City Guard has expired so that stopped
-General terms and conditions and privacy policy have been revised

21.11.2009: Update to version 1.34
-Sit at the hustlers improves
-Error messages in the mail are no longer above the buttons
-Kampfscreens General "cleaned up" (both character images are now loaded before the screen appears)
- Dungeonkämpfen is no longer using the gold indicator to identify whether you will gain while the battle is still running
-Under "Free" at the mushroom dealer you can redeem coupons now
-New, time-limited NetBank action started (now 1,500 mushrooms!)

29.10.2009: Update to version 1.33
-Some spelling errors removed
- new guild chat command / gold ;-) for the hustlers
-An item graphics fixed (background was black)
-Guild buttons to donate only disappear when all features are expanded
-Switching to new mail server (11.11.2009)

07.10.2009: Update to version 1.31
-Adapted Hütchenspielel Einzahl button
-Donating larger amounts is now easier
-Overlap the expansion rates in the Guild avoided
-Server internal changes
-Switching to new image server (22.10.2009)

02.10.2009: Update to version 1.29
-The donation steps are overall higher at higher levels, the same applies to betting in the hustlers.
- Formulas for life and crit transformed so that they are better to read
-Note on validation email limit is out
-Eliminated incorrect popup in the tavern
-Updated font (the & character can now)
-Revised desert image
-Spelling error fixed

03.09.2009: Update to version 1.28
-Added paysafecard as a payment option
-The offers of NetBank and SponsorPays are now also in a selection handle ("free") in the ring menu
-Revised menu at the mushroom dealer
-Fixed counter display at in-game messages
-Various spelling error corrected
- Improved balancing for all quest
-The key to the Dungeon 6 and 9 can be now found in quests as well as bought from the dealer (with luck or low chance!) are
-New admin features (applies to Gameadmins, payment and CoMa)

28.08.2009: Update to version 1.27
- Maximum characters for in game messages removed
-"Delete" button in the messages read
- Display the memory amount of in-game messages
-Enabled Sponsorpay at the mushroom dealer
- Lowered level requirement for key
-Spelling errors corrected
-changed guild chat commands

19.08.2009: Update to version 1.26
-The hustlers mushroom button remains greyed out in the second "round", if you bought any mushrooms.
-Spelling error fixed
-Limited input field in the post
-CPU Overdrive (can be set via options, reduced the animations, especially fading)
-Writing life potion blue
-Max gold gain PvP players stage winner's limited

14.08.2009: Update to version 1.25
-(New) 10 dungeons online
-(New) epics items (over 100 pieces)
-(New) potions
- You can now work 10 instead of 8 hours at a time
-Work is now twice as much gold
-Emails should now always arrive – don't forget but in the SPAM folder to look particularly at and GMX.
-Rare single log problems (in particular with Google chrome) have been fixed
-Slow image downloads now belong to the past – in particular the monster images load much faster
-Automatic re-login after involuntary disconnections
-Automatic logout if it is locked
-The chance to find items for quests has been increased
-The critical strike chance is now more precisely calculated (with 2 decimal places)
-The sign for free mushrooms is now smaller and on the right side
- The dirt-item is now more obvious
-Klassenicons bounce if it has no class and tries to save the character
-Fire effect of arena performance optimized
-Start mushrooms donation message is now more clearly formulated
-The skull ring is no longer invisible
-Mushrooms put in the hustlers goes only if you ever bought mushrooms
-Rank messages improved in the Guild
-Correct display in full expansion in the guilds
-Item names sometimes changed
-Armor display now without the addition "total"
-Rare graphics bug fixed where the character properties when changing the screen have not disappeared
-Format of the damage in the Charakterscreen for high numbers of tailored
-Favicon (fidget)
- There are always at least 2 items that cost no mushrooms at two traders

31.07.2009: Update to version 1.23
-Bug fixed
-Offer the netbank inserted in the game
-Items at the retailers improved
-"Post display bug" in PvP-screen fixed

27.07.2009: Update to version 1.22
-Questtexte back left-aligned
-Wait display arena combat in title bar / tab
- Members of the Guild stranger guilds online status is no longer visible
- Campaign messages are color coded in the post list (red = lost, green = won)
-No error messages hold produces the donation buttons at the end.
-RTL 2 world is now selectable on the home page
-No unnecessary blank lines in the guild chat
-Break at the Mounttext in the Charakterscreen bug (appeared only in some browsers)
-Multiple black backgrounds with items fixed

25.07.2009: Update to version 1.21
-Server internal changes

23.07.2009: Update to version 1.20
- Dealer sale protection (accidental sell should no longer be possible)
-Delay for in game messages should be fixed now

20.07.2009: Update to version 1.18
-Items had a black background to the part * 8211; partially fixed.
- Hustlers is emerging only now after a short delay behind the tavern button so that he's not annoying.
-Some internal improvements

17.07.2009: Update to version 1.17
-Added Guild Hall
-Can be seen now foreign guilds (click in the Guild Hall)
- Click on the name of the Guild in the Charakterscreen now opens the corresponding Guild
-Display the Guild honor and the Guild rank in the Gildenscreen
-Time and name in the guild chat now a different color than the written contributions
- Special character underscore (_), tilde (~) and circumflex (^) added
-Messages in the guild chat for accession, outlet, promotion, demotion and expansion of features
- Press and hold button donations button at the Guild (and the hustlers) increases now always exactly 1 gold - increases from now the donation amount!
-Hustlers also during an adventure available (click with the mouse on "Tavern show", then on the emerging hustlers!)
-The game now not more for no reason out logs the player once it has logged just
- The home now stores the last selected server (Thanks to Lölz)
-Traders have now more "good" items by new calculation routine
-New rings, amulets and other items in fidgets Wizard download
-The difficulty of the quests is now just
-Guild membership fixed (it hides nothing)
-Direct speech in quotation marks instead of white font
-Text fields in character description and Guild description fully usable (all lines)

13.07.2009: Update to version 1.14
-Item images are downloaded much faster now
-Client optimized, requires now less CPU power
-Automatic line break in the guild chat
-Sales area shrinks something in the shops to avoid accidental sales

11.07.2009: Update to version 1.13
-New system for determining the Questgegnerstärke on all servers available now
-Magician - and Scout weapons are now more expensive, but have higher attribute bonuses
-The notorious hustlers to have get back his license rumor... You can find him in the tavern.
-Friends achievement removed the buffed Server
-Player ID is now displayed in the debug popup (options-> version number)
-Language text are now white yellow explanatory text,

10.07.2009: Update to version 1.12
-High level-war er items are displayed graphically correctly
-Typos on removed
-Front page ( now with server selection
-New formula for the calculation of the Questgegnerstärke (on server 2)
- Game displays the server in the Browsertab (Example: shakes & fidget - the game (s1))

08.07.2009: Update to version 1.11
- Guild chat is now scrollable
- Opponent difficulty is low
-S & F uses more ports: 8000 8050
-Bug fixed that popups in the Charakterscreen behind the font could be
-Bug fixed that one looks to its own items in the backpack from the other popups
-Debug popup above the version number shows image server and TCP port
-Server performance improves slightly

07.07.2009: Update to version 1.10
-New formula for critical hits: luck * 25 / (opponent level * 10)
- You can find some more and found mushrooms now have a little animation
-The ports are used now by 8000-8025
-There is no adventure more preselected, instead, a welcome message will appear
-Better order for the heroic deeds
-The life energy bar was sometimes displayed a pixel too deep
-Display problems with some special characters
-IP lock, if you repeatedly enters an incorrect password
-IP lock, when you try to create multiple accounts

03.07.2009: Update to version 1.09
-Dealer offerings should no longer change automatically only at 0:00 at logout
-Guild chat now with time contributions
-PayPal enabled on
-Server optimizations
-(on the 05.07.2009) disables auto-reconnect of the connection on the client side

01.07.2009: Update to version 1.08
-The message that the game now refers to his paintings from another image server, has been removed
-When multiple clicking of buttons was "Doppelrequests", this
prevents now.
-The server limit on the length of the character description was taken over on the client side, so that the end of long descriptions no longer disappears.
-On the buffed server, it is now also possible to change his face.
-Guild button sometimes not stopped flashing, should no longer occur.
-Golden medals some had an "undefined" in the description.
-Formula for damage was displayed incorrectly, fixed.
-"Increase prices for attributes" was sometimes displayed incorrectly-> fixed.
-Performance of the server was further enhanced

30.06.2009: Update to version 1.07
-Fixed online display in the Gildenmemberliste
-Adventure fight again roll the dice can be fixed
-Performance improvements in the SQL pane

29.06.2009: Update to version 1.06
-Fixed exploit bug by Sunday lunch
-It's now more ports used (8000-8015)
-Again email validation link
-Over 50% Kritscher damage chance bug fixed
-New icons for Guild members
-Online display fixed in the Guild
- Guild donations are now grouped into a chat entry
Fight against the quest won't be able
-Various server enhancements

26.06.2009: Update to version 1.05
-Option "name was change" in the Optionsscreen replaced by email validation as "Name change" has resulted in abuse
-Optimization of loading time
-Timeout when graphic load screens appear set up - this for performance bottlenecks later, but it completely.

25.06.2009: Update to version 1.04
-Validation email resend limited on 3 times a day
-Log file for delete and rename to prevent abuse
-"Rename" for Player disables
-Prices on the Paymentbuttons were shown too high in rare cases
-Payment adjusted to Server
-Improved chat and post special characters support
-Various spelling errors fixed
-Installed blacklist for Mailer
-Guild flashing repairs

23.06.2009: Update to version 1.02
-Email fixed problem with not arriving emails at some Freemail services
-Fixed issue with the quest of non hyperlinked
-Line breaks instead of pound sign in the post (#)
-Guild no longer automatically appears when a member donates something
- Email link to the friends advertise now accessible via the friends-achievement
-SMS from now default Paymentmethode the first time
-Tavern has not stopped under rare circumstances to Flash
-Cache server changed, so that the language and config not cached settings
-Version number display in the option screen
-Adventure "more" in the startup phase

22.06.2009: game start with version 1.00
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OMG I am sooooooo glad we don't have it in 1 thread that is next to impossible to read for an dyslexic. I say don't change it just make the sub section.

to beat the reply how I know it is next to impossible for a dyslexic to read I am dyslexic.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
OMG I am sooooooo glad we don't have it in 1 thread that is next to impossible to read for an dyslexic. I say don't change it just make the sub section.

to beat the reply how I know it is next to impossible for a dyslexic to read I am dyslexic.
Its nice to have 1 place to understand all of the changes, instead of trying to search for them to no avail when you realize not all changes are updated on the US forums. A synchronization of Changelogs across the forums would be extremely beneficial for a majority of the forum users. I don't see that in this forum anywhere. Hence the suggestion.
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All the ones that were posted on this forum are in the same section which is in the game section. Plus they are in order as the forum shows everything by date of last post and considering everything in that section usually only has 1 post they r in order. Yes there is other things in there as I said I can see if Leander can make a sub section that is just for changelogs.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably

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