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Old 04-02-2012, 01:24 PM
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Default Another Toilet update & bug fixes, .407 (not live yet)

A patch has already been uploaded to a handful of German servers with all other and international servers being next (to be announced).

Versions after the update:
Client: .442
Server: .407


O The toilet's Mana Tank displays the mana points required to flush the toilet.
The points increase with each flush. An epic item thrown into the toilet adds 50 mana points, a standard item adds 25 and a potion adds 10 points.

O Scrapbook bug fixed.

O Display errors in guild chat fixed.

O Toilet bug with necklaces, rings and lucky charms fixed

O Guild members that don't take part in a defense now have 50% health points again when they haven't been inactive for more than 14 days.

O The Mushroom Catapult subtracts 50% of a hit player's health points (instead of 30% or 70%).

O A guild's scheduled raids are visible to all other guilds again.

O Fewer level updates of fellow guild members, you are notified about the level progress of others only every 10 levels below level 200 (level 200+ stays the same). Moreover, you are only notified when a fellow guild member beats the boss of a dungeon. Dungeons 11-13 stay the same (guild notification of every monster defeated).

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