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Old 08-03-2011, 07:49 AM
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Default Medieval

There's always a story to be told, always an adventure to be found. Just set some people around a camp fire and a story will always be told. This is one of those stories, a saga passed through the ages. Never written down, never publish, always told.

Knights off old, fierce yet with honor, fighting for king and country. Armor glistening in the light, lance and shield held proud for one mistake and they would be done. What power they must have hold, such a different time.

Antoine was walking through the museum looking at medieval armors and paintings. Today was a special day, today was the day he met his girlfriend, Sarah, in this same museum 6 years ago. Today will also be the day he will ask her to marry her. Antoine had even brought his grandmothers ring to ask Sarah to be his. The ring was old, and been in Antoine's family for generations. Nothing to special about it as far as Antoine could tell, but that was not what was important. It was family tradition and he held proud to tradition.

"Hi dear" Sarah looked as perfect as she did 6 years ago when she asked him about the dinosaur exhibit, maybe even better. "Hi sweety, shall we go to the dinosaur section next?". "Of course, I want to see the Stegosaurus again" said Sarah while she walked a head. Antoine shortly followed in thought. I will ask her as soon as she turns around, I will be on my knee and she will see me there and I will just ask her.

"Look at the armor on it, that these things could walk around" Sarah was looking with her eyes wide open. Even after 6 years she could still look at these skeletons with so much imagination and wonder. It was one off the reasons I will marry her. Sarah her back was turned to Antoine and so he went on one knee.

"Sarah, I would like to ask you something" Antoine was on his knees ready to look Sarah into her eyes as he took out his grandmothers ring. "Yes dear?" Sarah turned around but with her hand hit the ring out of Antoine's hand. Antoine jumped after the ring and got it just before it was about to go down a heating grid.

"That was so close.. Sarah I would like you to be my wife" Antoine put the ring on Sarah's finger and waited for her answer. A tear came down the face of Sarah.

"I.....I..Antoine... Yes, of course I will..." Sarah smiled so greatly when the ring went on her finger.

"You made me so happy Sarah" Antoine grabbed Sarah's hand as they walked towards the exit of the museum. "We have so much to do, I wish I knew where to start".

"We'll figure it out soon enough" Sarah grabbed Antoine's hand a bit tighter.

Antoine grabbed the exit handle of the Museum and felt a shock go through his body. Static electricity, it can be so nasty! They walked outside and the sun was shining high and strong, it was blinding them for a moment.

Birds singing, trees moving in the wind, these sounds where familiar if they lived in a country town not in a big city. Did they go out the wrong exit or.

Their vision was returning slowly and before them they saw a forest slowly waving in the wind, animal sounds everywhere and not a soul in sight. To the right there was a clearing and in the distance some smoke was rising, still it was way too far to tell what it was. Antoine quickly looked behind him wondering where he was. The museum, it was gone. Nothing but more trees behind them. In a sudden fear he looked towards Sarah.

Sarah was just looking forward, staring into the woods before her. "How did we get into the park Antoine?"

"I don't know Sarah, I'm not even sure this is the park" Antoine looked around him and saw nothing but nature. Trees all very thick and old, nowhere could he even see a sign off plastic or garbage. Not even a hobo asking for change. This was strange for a place within the city, where they even still in the city?

"I'm not sure what happened, the museum is also gone and I hear no traffic, people, construction, nothing, just nature." Antoine gave it all a good 360 look and hear around, but nothing. "Maybe we should see if there something over that hill, there's smoke coming from the distance off it". Sarah just gave a nod and grabbed Antoine's hand even harder.

"Strangers, from nowhere, this is very mysterious, very" a dark shadow in the forest quickly vanished.

[To be continued depending if it is interesting enough]

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please do carry on with the story.
I wanna know what happens.
Old 10-02-2011, 07:56 PM
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The sun was slowly going down passed the hills, and the sky turned from orange to pink. Antoine figured that they had at least walked for 4 hours, and looking at the sky he knew they needed to find shelter soon.

"Look over there, I believe it's a cave!" Sarah said. In the not too far distance, in the side of a cliff Antoine could make out a cave. "We might want to go there Sarah, we do not know what are in these woods!" Antoine said in a bit nervous voice.

Both walked with increasing vigor to the cave as the night was moving in quickly. Standing outside the hole Antoine smelled something in the air he never really smelled anywhere before, a smell off sweat and dust somehow combined. Still they needed shelter as in the far distance the rumble of thunder was closing in.

As Sarah looked for dry leaves and grass around the cave for a makeshift bed, Antoine looked for dry wood. Thankfully Antoine had his matches with him, he gave up smoking long ago but somehow never threw away his matches. Before long a fire was warming them as they sat on the makeshift bed. "I wonder where we are Antoine.." Sarah said in an almost whimpering voice. "Wish I knew Sarah, this place sure is not the city" Antoine said. Antoine sat beside Sarah and hold her close trying to calm her. She fell asleep on his lap not soon after. Antoine looked outside and saw that it had started to rain, but something else caught his eye in the distance. "Two.. moons.. ".

Antoine had barely slept and felt his eyes heavy, but still he was alert. He decided not to let Sarah know just yet about the two moons, she was frightened enough as it is. She was still sleeping on his lap and he calmly waved the hair from her face, she still looked as beautiful as she did 6 years ago when he met her.

"I could use some coffee" Sarah yawned. "And a toothbrush" Antoine said while smiling. Sarah covered her mouth quickly and blushed. "Sorry" said Sarah. She got up slowly and stretched out a little "We best might look for something to eat, I'm starving" said Sarah. "You stay here and make sure the fire is on, I'll look for something to eat" Said Antoine as he got up.

Outside the rain had stopped and birds where happily making their music throughout the morning air. Antoine tried to spot some to see if he could find a nest. Up in the tree he found one, He slowly climbed up and found 4 eggs in the nest. Putting them carefully in his pocket and climbing down he noticed a sound off water, it could not be too far. He felt around in his jacket and found the empty soda bottle he was looking for. He found the river easily as the sound was from a waterfall not too far from their cave. As he filled the bottle up he thought he saw a shadow move from across the river. Waving it away from his mind as perfectly normal paranoia he started to head back.

"Look what I found for us" said Antoine as he showed Sarah the eggs. "Wish we had bacon" said Sarah. "I'll check the supermarket next time" laughed Antoine as he buried the eggs in the hot sand next to the fire. "This should cook them in their shell, I also found a river and got us some water" said Antoine. "This water is so good" Said Sarah. "Yes, the river looked really clean, might even have some fish in them" said Antoine. "Should we try to head towards where the smoke was coming from?" Asked Sarah hoping Antoine would say no. "I believe it is best Sarah, we need help fast and there might be people there" said Antoine in a calm voice. Sarah face turned a bit more sad, but she agreed none the less. "Well let's eat first before we go, the eggs should be done now" said Sarah.

As both ate their delicious meal, Antoine thought again about the 2 moons. Sarah should find out soon enough, Antoine thought, but for now I best keep it for myself. People are sure to be found here, he hopes.

In the distance a familiar shadow was watching the pair closely. "Master must know this, these strangers might have it" quickly the shadow ran off.

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Wow. Keep it going.
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Thank you iTZKooPA, I try to write when I can, just work doesn't always allow me to.
Old 10-04-2011, 06:53 PM
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Through the forest the sound of a galloping horse was echoed through the trees. "They might have the ring, the master must know" The hooded horseman rider rode as fast as his dark steed could. Sun rays going through the leaves showing only glimpses of his scared and beaten face. The horses hooves suddenly increased in sound as it came to an ancient road, in the distance a castle could be seen from the shadows. The rider drove towards the gate, with an goats horn raised he sounded the call to open its gates. Slowly the wooden gates opened as the rider only barely escaped a collision. Riding into the courtyard a boy ran towards the horse to hold it. "Damn you servant boy, you're always late" Said the rider while he kicked the boy to the ground. "You can be glad the master is waiting for me" screamed the rider. The boy quickly got up and got the horse to the stables.

The rider ran quickly to the main entrance, up darkened stairs he could smell sulfur in the air. He stopped before the door and halted just before knocking, knowing the master would be angry if disturbed with his experiments. However knowing if he did not tell the master soon he would be without a head. Heavily he knocked.

In a dark room, vials filled with chemicals unknown covered tables all around. Machinery crafted in ancient times but uses unknown stood in almost every corner. A tall, yet skinny individual was standing behind a burner holding a small glass tube which hold some bubbling green liquid. Suddenly a loud bonking on the door distracted him. Some of the liquid fell on the floor and a hole quickly appeared form it burning through.

"Whoever that is better have a good reason for destroying my floor, or the next drink they get is this condensed dragon stomach acid!" said the tall man.

"Sorry for disturbing your experiments master, but I bring news off two strangers that entered out of nowhere on the southern plains!" said the dark rider quickly.

"So, many have appeared over the years, many have disappeared. Most likely it was that damn wizard from the kings court again!" said the tall man.

"I do not believe so master, I felt a strange magic around the female off the two. She might be carrying the Elder Ring!" said the dark rider in his most convincing voice.

"The Elder Ring? Could it be true!" the tall man said while moving his hands over his chin in a thinking fashion.

"Aye, I believe it is. They were taking shelter in Troll's Cave this evening. They might be going to Gyer's Town!" the rider said with due urgency.

"Gyer's Town! That place is under the kings protection! Gather the men, you will ride now and bring me the two strangers. I must have that ring you hear me, I must!" commanded the tall man.

"Of course master" said the rider. With dignity and fear he bowed before his master and quickly ran off shouting for his man.

"The Elder Ring, so it is time. I must prepare!" said the tall man as he walked towards a closet filled with dusty old books. "I will have it, for this world and any, belong to me!" The dark man said while he opened a book lined with images of skulls.

[To be continued]

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"Sarah?" Antoine screamed nervously as he looked around for her "Where are you?" Antoine was getting more scared by the second! "Here, I had to really pee!" Sarah said ashamed. "Tell me next time, we have no idea what are in these woods" Antoine replied relieved.

Suddenly from the distance Antoine could hear horses galloping fast, and getting close. "Quick we must hide" Antoine whispered. Quickly they entered between some bushes and kept their ears open. Four men riding horses appeared, 3 black and one white horse carrying a man in white and gold armor.

"The rider was last seen here my lord!" A man said in a strange accent. "Aye, he was Seltor, servant of the Blackened Dragon" Another said. "Search the area, leave no tree or bush unchecked!" a voice commanded. "My lord, we found an old campfire by Troll's Cave, tracks where left!" Said a rider that had just approached. "Any idea as to how many? "Asked the commanding voice. "At least two my lord, but the foot prints where strange, one of them had a symbol of half a wave in it!" Said the rider.

Antoine quickly looked at his shoes, just do it he thought these sneakers will be the end of them. He had bought them to go running in the mornings but somehow just used them as walking shoes.

"Do a search, cal in the war hounds, they can't be far if they on foot!" the man they called their lord said. Four big bulldog looking hounds showed up and started to sniff vigorously. Antoine knew they had to move and fast.

"Bark" Said one of the war hounds as he moved towards the bushes Antoine and Sarah where hiding in.

"We better go, and fast' Said Antoine in a calm but alarming voice. Sarah only seemed to agree with her eyes as they both quickly ran away from the search party.

"Bark, BARK BARK!" the war hound loudly let out. "Quickly men this way!" Screamed the lord. The men rode their horses with great expertise. "There, a man and woman are running!"A rider shouted. "Halt, in the name off the king! These lands belong to King Karanon. State your name and business now or be shot by my crossbow!" The lord commanded.

Antoine and Sarah could only stop as they slowly where surrounded.

"Answer my command or your life will be ended strangers!" The lord held up his crossbow in the air, its metal point shining in the mid day sun.

"I'm Antoine, and this is my partner Sarah, we are tourists" Antoine tried to smile while saying this.

The lord looked at Antoine puzzled "Tourists? What are tourists? Partun do you know what he means by this?" The lord asked. "No my Lord, but they cannot be of our kingdom!" The man named Partun said. Partun was a large man, his armor white and standing in heavy contrast to his black steed. "They must be working for the Dragon Lord!" Said the lord. "You will come with us, Patrun make sure they are chained! " said the lord while pointing at the heavy shackles hanging from Patrun's horse. "At once my lord!" Said Patrun as he came towards Antoine and Sarah.

"Stay away from her!" Antoine shouted as he tried to shield Sarah. As soon as he had moved an arrow landed between his feet.

"One more move stranger and your head is mine" Said the lord in a calm low voice.

"Antoine, I'm scared" Said Sarah while half crying. "It's going to be ok Sarah, don't you worry I won't let anything happen to you".

With the heavy chains on their wrist they moved between the horses, slowly walking towards the smoke in the distance. Antoine could only hope that he could protect Sarah as he promised.

[to be continued]

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With the heavy chains on their wrist they moved between the horses, slowly walking towards the smoke in the distance. Antoine could only hope that he could protect Sarah as he promised.

"Halt men, we set up camp here for the night!" Said lord Theron, the name Antoine finally received from overhearing two riders talk. "Secure the horses and put the strangers under guard!" Theron commanded.

The riders where setting up small tents in a circle, a rider was creating a fire pit with stones. With great haste and precision a camp was setup. Antoine and Sarah where placed in a tent and being guarded by two riders with crossbows at the ready. One off the riders that was set out for food came back with a some wild rabbits. Carefully they were prepared over the fire and the smell was making Antoine drool. He could hear the men talk and laugh loudly outside. "I'm cold" Said Sarah. "Me to" said Antoine, from the feel of it this place was running close to Autumn.

"Hey, lord Theron" Screamed Antoine.

Outside the laughter had stopped and Antoine could hear movement coming closer to the tent. With a great movement the flap was opened and Theron entered. The two riders stood up and pointed their crossbows at Antoine and Sarah. Lord Theron looked Antoine straight in the eye. "What you want stranger!" Theron demanded.

"First my name is Antoine, lord Theron" Said Antoine in an almost sarcastic voice "Second We could really use some warm food and something to fight the cold!" Anotine said while looking Theron straight in the eye.

Theron looked at Antoine for a while, then at Sarah. "Very well, we can't interrogate you if you die! Give Antoine and.." Theron pauzed. "Sarah!" Said Sarah almost in a happy voice. "Sarah, some food and two horse blankets." Theron commanded. "At once sir" said one of the riders. The rider quickly went outside and moments later came back with two very old looking, thick, smelly blankets and one of the cooked wild rabbits on a small plate. "Thank you" Said Sarah in a kind voice. "See if you will still be thanking me by tomorrow evening Sarah.." Theron said, while he turned around and walked outside.
Antoine put the blanket on Sarah and himself. "These smell horrible.." Said Sarah while her face went sour. "At least we'll be warm Sarah" Antoine said in a calm voice. Antoine let Sarah eat first from the small Rabbit, she had almost entirely finished it before she realized she had to share it. Antoine just smiled as he took it. "Sorry, it just tasted so good" said Sarah with a blush. "That's alright, just try to get some sleep Sarah you look exhausted" Antoine said while allowing Sarah to lie on his lap. Antoine picked the last off the meat from the rabbit and put the plate aside. Soon he felt his eyes grow tired and before long was in a deep sleep.

[to be continued]

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein
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"All halt" Theron screamed. The group had been riding all morning and had reached the edge off a town. "Hail Theron" said a man that came forth from a small stone and wooden house. "Hail to you Seran, how goes the blacksmith?" Theron asked. "Fine, fine, cannot complain. The wife wishing I would be around more though" Seran said while scratching his mostly bald head. "Aye, I'm sure she does! But we need those weapons, ye know the Blackened Dragon's have been sighted near. An attack can come at any moment" Said Theron. "Aye, they seem to attack more often as off late" Said Seran while looking Theron straight in the eye. "Not to worry brother, we can take them all. Tell my sister I'll come by again soon for her famous chicken potato stew." Theron said while giving Seran a wink. "She will sure enjoy that" Seran said smiling. "Who are they" Seran asked. "We shall soon find out brother" Theron said while giving his horse the command to move on.

The small group went forward, Antoine looked around and saw only houses around. Some looked like they would fall down any moment. Antoine could make out the blacksmith, something that looked like a tavern, some dwellings, a horse barn and some more buildings left and right. Children were playing down the street with a round wooden ball. A woman was doing laundry in a round tub made of wooden planks bound by metal plates. In the distant stood a large wall with a big gate. The whole town smelled off dirt, animals and open sewer.

"We're defenitely not in Kansas anymore Toto" said Antoine. "What you say?" asked Sarah. "Nothing Sarah, I just find this all very strange" Antoine replied.

They walked through the dirt streets till they reached the large gate. "Open the doors" Theron commanded. The large doors slowly opened. Six men were pushing the large wooden objects open while moaning and groaning. With a large bang the doors came to rest to the stone walls on the sides. The group went in through the gates. "Hail Theron" said an older gentleman. "Hail Zes" Said Theron. "Found the Blackened Dragon's spies?" asked Zes. "Aye, I believe we did" replied Theron. "Fine work, bring them to the main room, King Karanon is waiting on your report" replied Zes. "Aye, right away" Theron replied while dismounting his horse.

"Bring them, it is time they answer to the king" Theron commanded.

[more to come soon, is anybody even still reading these?]

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein
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Yep, still reading

It's good!
--Etaren, of the guild Raenyr

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